Why NOW is the Time to Get Your Website Up and Running (or Revamp Your Current One)

Why NOW is the Time to Get Your Website Up and Running via TheEssentialWebsite.com

Will you ever be ready?

It’s a question we ask ourselves about lots of different things in life: Am I ready to buy a house? Am I ready to get married? Have children? Start my own business?

One of our clients actually wrote about this exact question on the topic of whether or not you are ever really ready when it comes to adopting a child.

She states that, “No, you’re never really ready! But that can be said for any major life change.”

This is SO true!

Sometimes, the only way you can truly know if you’re “ready” is to just go for it and see what happens. Then, make adjustments along the way.

In our client’s case, as an adoptive parent and an adoption consultant, she knows that you can tweak your adoption profile a million times, and it may still never be “perfect.” But remember – news flash herePERFECT does not exist!

At some point, with just about everything in life, you just have to START…and tweak later!
At some point, you just have to START...and tweak later! Click To Tweet

It’s the same exact thing in business – especially when it comes to your website! I cannot tell you how many times I edited and edited (and edited!) my first website. Everything from the content to the styling to the images. It was so exhausting! And finally, I just said to myself, “You will launch your site on _____ date – no matter what!”

Here’s another news flash for you. Ready? Your website is never actually “done.” There will ALWAYS be updates, edits, new blog posts, changing the copyright date in the footer, and a plethora of other tasks that must be done as long as your business and website are up and running.

Also – if you think you’re not ready because you want to get “this” done first…and “that”…and that other thing…and the other thing…well, you may be waiting forever.

Look – I get it. SOME things MUST be taken care of before you start a business or even [just] a website. For a brick and mortar biz, you need funds (lots of ’em!). You need to know what you’re going to sell, and then you actually need to get those goods. But, you probably won’t wait until you know (and have) every single thing before breaking ground.

Just like when you build a house. You know that you’ll have wood floors and granite countertops, but you don’t HAVE to pick them out before the frame is built.

Opportunity doesn’t make appointments, you have to be ready when it arrives. ~Tim Fargo

For your website – the time is NOW! Whether you are starting a new site or revamping your current one, there’s no better time to start than NOW. Of course, if you are selling physical products or even virtual services, you still have to have a good hold on what you’re selling or offering. But, you don’t have to wait until everything is perfectly in place before starting (ughh – there’s that darn word again – PERFECT).

Just like with any big thing in life, set a goal and work backwards from there.

If you want to launch your site by __________ (insert date), great! Research web designers (hmmm, we know a couple!), get in touch with your favorites, and tell them your target date. They might be available, they might not be. They may be able to meet your deadline, or maybe not. But you won’t know until you set your target date and then ASK! Or, work WITH your designer to come up with a mutually agreed upon target date.
To get started on your website, set a goal and work backwards from there. Click To Tweet

Sure, it’s helpful if you have your content ready and know exactly what you want before the designer even begins. But, it doesn’t always work out so seamlessly. There are always things that can be dealt with once the process has started. Maybe not BIG things…just like the fact that you can’t expect a home builder to start on your house if you haven’t decided if it’ll be one story or two. Uhmm, you kinda need some stuff done by an architect and engineer first. We still have to be reasonable here. (See what you SHOULD do to prep for a website here.)

There are plenty of things I have waited to start until I felt I was ready. But, I still ended up starting ALL of them. I’ve even signed up and paid for classes before and then realized I wasn’t able to devote the time to them, so I asked for a refund and re-registered when I was ready (which was just shortly after the original date because I set a goal and stuck to it).

So – what’s it going to take for you to be ready?
Are you the type of person who has to have everything in place before you can start on something big? But, do you do it within reason (meaning, you know that EVERYTHING can’t be perfectly in place or else you’ll never start)…or do you truly put things off indefinitely because of the feeling (or fear!) of not being ready?

Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. Lindsey on December 1, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    This is so true! My goal with my web design clients is to get their site “ready enough” to get it out there as soon as possible! And I let them know that while we want to make sure it works well, it’s always going to be a work in progress. Thanks for sharing!

    • Janet on December 4, 2016 at 6:25 pm

      Exactly. Always! Thanks Lindsey!

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