The Importance of Website Security & Keeping Your Website Safe

Is your website safe from hackers or other jerks? If your website is important to your biz (and we think it is) - make it safe with these for simple steps. By

Is your website an important part of your business?

Your website is the thing that people use to learn all about you and your amazing service, the thing that sells your products, the way you share your heart, dreams and more all over the world, and dare we say… the thing that could potentially make or break your business.

Maintaining and securing your website should be a priority for your business. We love this quote! Yes, TOTALLY worth it!

“I’m high maintenance, but I’m worth it.” -Lara Logan

You’re a smart business owner.

Just like you would never tell everyone on Facebook that you’re going to Saint Lucia for a dreamy island holiday and that you’ll be sure to leave your doors unlocked in case anyone needs anything…

Or make copies of your credit card and hand them out to everyone you see…

Or never add oil, water or gas to your car…

Well of course not! You keep important things safe, secure and maintained!

Keeping your website safe, secure and maintained is just as important.

FACT: A LOT of people use WordPress. Around 26% of all websites in the world are WordPress sites. There are zillions of them! There are also ZILLIONS of jerks trying to hack in and totally mess up your day (to say the least)!

Keep your website safe with these simple 4 steps:
  1. Don’t use the default WordPress ADMIN username. Change it to something else, something hard and not obvious. Admin is the first username hackers try. It’s like rolling out the red carpet! TIP: DO NOT give website login information to anyone! If you need someone to have admin capabilities (like your web designer, etc.), create a NEW user for them. When they’re done and no longer need access, delete their user account.
  2. Use strong passwords. Please don’t tell us you use the same password for all of your online accounts! *Gasp!* We get it, trying to save different passwords for everything AND trying to remember them all can turn into a wooly-eyed monster. Make things easy for you (not hackers) and be more secure by using LastPass. Create super strong passwords for all of your online accounts, save them all in one mega-safe and secure place and only have to remember 1 password from now on. BONUS: You can easily (and securely) share any login information with others when needed right through LastPass.
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  4. Keep your website updated. Skipping out on updating your plugins, your theme and even WordPress is an easy way to invite hackers, spammers, viruses or other gremlins over for a picnic. These updates are being pushed out for a reason. Sometimes they contain important bug fixes and other times they contain lock-downs and security updates to keep the bad guys (or gals) out! Oh, and if that’s not enough to make updates a priority, not doing them could also crash your website! TIP: BEFORE doing any updates, it’s très smart to backup your website. This way, if anything goes wrong, you’ll be back in business (possibly literally).
  5. Choose quality. The old saying “You get what you pay for” is true for websites, too. Using only premium, safe, secure and reliable products for your online home is a must. When we build websites, we ONLY use the best plugins, advanced security and backup services like iThemes Security Pro, Wordfence and BackupBuddy, a premium theme like BeaverBuilder and superior web hosting like SiteGround or Websavers.
It’s not an option.

Taking care of your online home isn’t an option. Just like anything else, it requires regular maintenance to keep working properly, security measures to keep it safe, and commitment to make it a priority. As business owners too, we know how busy you are. You’ve got a list a mile long, not to mention a life too! That’s why we created the Golden Maintenance Package.

We take care of your website so you can take care of your business.

The Golden Maintenance Package is a professional, advanced, security, backup and software update solution. When you have your software backed up and your site secure and updated, your chances of being hacked and having migraine-inducing issues on your site are slim to none. In other words, you’re GOLDEN!

The safety and health of your website is a priority. Following the steps we mentioned above will keep your website safe, secure, and working!

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