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Make more sales, more happy clients and get the perfect image by following these rules when designing your website. By

“A confused mind ALWAYS says no.” – Marie Forleo

Think about this statement as it relates to a website for a sec. Let it sink in while you’re reading.

The perfect website doesn’t just happen. It takes lots of planning, research, designing (and more), not to mention all of the technical magic that happens behind the scenes! One of these important steps is creating the perfect user experience.

Designing for the user (aka your potential client), involves constructing an online experience that’s easy to use, makes sense, makes finding the info they’re looking for a snap, and portrays and evokes the feelings or emotions that reflect your brand and what you’re website is all about. Things like excitement, calmness, happiness, urgency, purpose, fun, and always…professionalism. You can get this perfect environment by keeping it simple.

Keep it simple, clean and make things clear.

Remember what Marie said above? “A confused mind ALWAYS says no.” Cut out any confusion and make it easy for your visitors (and a pleasant experience) by NOT doing these:

  • Getting rid of the eye burning color palettes
  • Keeping your ads to a minimum and relevant to your brand/service
  • Losing the chicken gifs
  • Using old technology like flash ads
  • Auto playing music
  • Having too many pop-ups
  • Giving too much information and/or information that’s not useful
  • Making things your visitor is looking for hard to find or missing
  • Having way too much on a page

You can find examples of all of these no-nos on this one website.

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To sell your business AND your stuff do these instead:
  • Keep your site clean and clutter free. Use white space and give your important info room to breathe.
  • Think about what your ideal client wants and needs. What’s helpful for them?
  • Make things easy to find and easy to use. Create visual steps/instructions on where they should start first.
  • Keep your copy clear and understandable. BONUS: Use words and statements your ideal client uses!
  • Reflect your brand’s vibe and connect with your visitor.
  • Ensure that your site is easy to use on mobile devices.
  • Keep pages to a minimum by only creating pages you’ll need. TIP: Not every page needs to be in your navigation menu. Extra non-main pages can be linked to from other pages as appropriate or have a mini-menu in your footer.
  • Provide the information your client wants to know like details of your services, pricing, examples of your work and how you’re service going to help and benefit them.

Your website is:

  • How you introduce your business to the world.
  • A reflection of your business AND you.
  • How people decide if they want to work with you (or not).

Important stuff huh!? Your website can make or break ya. You’re gonna want to do it right.

By keeping things on your website clean and simple you’ll look like a professional and give your dream client an easy way to work with you!

Do you have other important shoulds or should nots in keeping your website simple? We’d love to know!

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