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We get it done. You cross it off your list.


Are those little things on your website or social media to-do list driving you nuts? You know…the images you want to replace, the opt-in you want to update, the copy you need to edit?

You’ve been either too busy to figure it out or you keep putting it off because other things pop up. Like running your business, driving your kids around, taking the dog to the vet, and, well, life!

We all know that a website is never truly DONE. There is always something that needs updating, rearranging or fixed. Since your website is not a “set it and forget it” workhorse, it’ll need periodic maintenance. We are here to rescue you!

We can help with updates for essential online to-do’s like:

  • adding/revising text, images, pages, blog posts, social media scheduling/posting, etc.
  • adding a new menu item to your navigation menu
  • creating a sales page
  • adding additional opt-in forms
  • adding additional contact forms, questionnaires, etc. using Gravity Forms
  • installing and configuring plugins
  • and any other adjustment or addition you may need on your site
Julian Palmer - JuliVAGlobal

“What I loved most about working with Janet and Stefani is that they were very helpful, had a quick turn around and they updated exactly what I wanted on my website. I’ll absolutely be calling on them again next time I need something and will be recommending them to others too!”
– Julian Palmer, JuliVAGlobal

How it works


You’ll contact us here and complete the Tweak Request Form. We’ll review your request and email you with questions or additional information. If needed, we’ll schedule a Tweak Connect call to clarify any questions we may have about your tweaks and send over an estimate for your approval before getting started.

In the rare occasion that we are not a good fit to work together on content/structural updates to your site and/or if our schedule is full, we will happily provide recommendations on other designers and/or developers.


We’ll send over an invoice for your tweaks and a contract, if applicable (depending on the extent of the tweaks). Once paid, we’ll get started.


We’ll knock out your tweaks and have you shining online in no time! We’ll both show off your shiny new updates to the world!

Rachelle Norman - Soundscaping Source Music Therapy

“You made the entire process so smooth and easy and it felt so good to be working on other parts of my biz, knowing that you had this part covered. I am so much more excited to share my website with people now that it works the way it is supposed to. I can’t wait for the next project I’ll have with you.”
– Rachelle Norman, Soundscaping Source


Non-Golden Maintenance Package clients:

Hourly: $100 (minimum one hour)

Retainer: 3 hours/month = $285 ($5 discount per hour; hours must be used within 30 days and cannot be carried over to the next month)

Golden Maintenance Package clients:

Hourly: $85 (minimum one hour)

Retainer: 3 hours/month = $240 ($5 discount per hour; hours must be used within 30 days and cannot be carried over to the next month)

Ongoing website maintenance and security with
The Golden Maintenance Package:

It is just as important to maintain your website as it is to get your car serviced so it runs smoothly, pay your bills so your electricity stays on, and exercise your body so it stays healthy and strong.

Make sure your website stays healthy, too. For help with your ongoing regular maintenance website duties, check out the Golden Maintenance Package.

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