“We came to Janet via a social media creation of hers. We thought her designs were distinctive and wanted to see if she could create a new look for our company. A week or so later, Janet presented three separate concepts. We were fond of all three logos and had her merge the elements into one. Then we had her integrate our new branding into our dormant social media accounts. A month or two later we asked Janet to rework an existing website.

I hired Janet based solely on her creative portfolio. Who knew her professionalism was equal parts. She is a WordPress guru but agreed to create the site in Adobe Muse because of our familiarity with Adobe software. No problem. She deftly navigated the site project and provided intuitive forms and thoughtful questionnaires to help us along. We anticipated a tedious proceeding, but she made the process entertaining. She also coordinated email, hosting, web forms, functionality, and all the other necessary minutia that make my head hurt to think about.

In short, Janet and her company are a tremendous value proposition for any company looking step up their game! Thanks, Janet!”