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Your website is the online face of your business, and in many cases, your main revenue stream. It is 100% worth ensuring that this vital asset is safe, secure, and working properly, just as you would your home, your car, and your health.

The Golden Maintenance Package (GMP) is a comprehensive security, backup, and software update service that will make your website significantly safer and more secure. In other words, you'll be GOLDEN.


what does it cover?

  • Daily backups of your site with up to 30 days retention
  • Daily scans of your site for known types of malware
  • Free clean-up of your site if it is ever infected with malware or hacked
  • Removal from Google’s blacklist if your site is ever hacked or infected with malware
  • Adjustments to security to keep up with the ever-changing hacker attempts and evil agendas
  • Monthly WordPress, plugin, and theme updates and fixes if things go awry during updates
  • A discounted hourly rate for content updates and website tweaks
  • iThemes Security Pro + enhanced security measures and advanced monitoring protocols
  • 25% discount off renewal of other premium plugins and premium WordPress theme (if your site was built by us)
  • Web hosting with WordKeeper*, our preferred web host.

    *All GMP clients are invited to utilize WordPress optimized web hosting by WordKeeper. WordKeeper's Basic hosting plan is included in the GMP pricing below. See additional notes regarding higher tiered hosting packages that may be required due to your site's storage needs, monthly visits, and functionality.

  • Extensive time/labor resolving issues resulting from plugin conflicts (which could happen with plugins we installed or additional plugins you may have added)
  • Fixes necessary caused by you doing any updates. This is a kick-back-and-relax service, let us take care of the updates. We'll do them once we've verified it's safe to proceed.

what's the price?


Monthly Plan: $68/month
(includes WordKeeper's Basic hosting plan)

Annual Plan: $748/year
(includes one month free plus WordKeeper's Basic hosting plan)

Hosting with WordKeeper comes with a plethora of benefits such as fast load times, a free SSL certificate, and superb support.

GMP pricing includes WordKeeper's Basic plan at no additional fee.  Ecommerce sites, sites with more than 25,000 monthly visits, or sites needing more than 1GB of storage will require a higher tier of hosting with WordKeeper. We will add the additional hosting fee to the base GMP fee when preparing your contract and invoice. For example, if your site requires WordKeeper's Plus plan ($50/month), your monthly GMP fee will be $88. See WordKeeper's pricing here.

why do I need your help?

The Benefits

  • If something bad happens (web host accidentally deletes your website {this actually happened to a client...}, a new plugin crashes your site, etc.), you'll know you have a reliable, complete backup AND someone on your team who knows how to restore your site back to it's original glory.
  • No need to update plugins, WordPress or theme on your own. These will be taken care of for you – safely.
  • If you happen to get hacked, hack repair is included. Bingo, I'm sold!
  • You will have fewer tasks (and problems) that you have to take care of (and remember to take care of). Giving you more time to take care of "business."
  • No more annual fees for [or scary errors messages from] security and/or backup plugins (if you happened to have experienced those previously).
  • Professional security monitoring and backups will be handled by our security and technical pros using expert software and processes.
  • You'll have someone looking out for your "virtual" best interest - making sure you're complying with security rules by not being blacklisted, etc.
  • If you have other projects you need help with, you'll enjoy a discounted rate.
  • You can ditch the stress knowing your website (all your hard work, important info, sales, and more) is safe, being looked after and properly maintained.
The Golden Maintenance Package - Backup, Security, Updates |

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