Website Strategy Consultation

Your business and needs are very unique

In order to provide you with strategic solutions, we dive in deep to understand the intricate details and the heart of your business. Details about you, your clients, your current problems, your needs, your goals, and more.

The way we do this is by providing each client with a comprehensive questionnaire that will give us insight into these details. During your 2-hour Website Strategy Consultation, we review each detail, brainstorm, and come up with the ideal solutions needed to reach your goals and make your project successful.

Solutions like:

  • The best types of services to use for your functionality needs (e-commerce, memberships, and more). Services that are reliable, work well, are easy to use and/or customize, that won’t conflict with other necessary areas of your site, etc.
  • Project timing if you’re planning upcoming events, sales, launches, etc. (Finding out what are the first things to focus on, how it will work, etc.)
  • Providing recommendations to address current problems (i.e. how best to tackle, the best software needed to do so (if applicable), and explanations on why some things may work and others may not).
  • Giving you our professional reviews of your current services, designs, layout, customer experience, and more...

A Website Strategy Consultation is an Essential requirement of every successful website project and unique for each client.

Knock it out of the park with a Digital Strategy Session | TheEssentialWebsite.comA consultation is a vital step in the web development process and is a requirement for each website we build.

Besides ensuring your project is well planned out using a creative strategy vs. just throwing a website up without taking time to solve current and/or future issues or figure out what will resonate with your clients, each Website Strategy Consultation includes a customized Project Summary.

The roadmap to a smooth, successful, knock-it-out-of-the-park project!

Your Project Summary is a comprehensive report containing the details and steps needed to accomplish your website needs and wishes.

We’ll use this to build your proposal, which will be our guide during your project.

By giving you these details, we will all be confident on your exact needs and how to execute them.

If you decide you’re not quite ready to work with us, your personalized Project Summary is your to keep and use when you are ready to proceed.

Sidenote: You’ll have enough information via your Summary to complete your project on your own (DIY-style or should you choose to hire another developer). Of course, we can’t promise that if you decide to have someone else help you that they would be fully invested in your success, take care to complete things properly, follow our professional recommendations, or know how to properly execute each item.


This in-depth process will involve more than 2 hours for each of us. Time will be invested by you during the pre-consultation to provide us with the intricate details of your needs, goals, and issues and time by us doing the research for those needs and compiling a strong game-plan.

Includes 2-hour comprehensive jam session + complete Project Summary containing the step-by-step details for launching a website that works the way you need it to (now and going forward).


Investment applied to your project proposal, which will be delivered with your Project Summary.

When your consultation will happen
  1. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll set up a Discovery Call where we'll get to know each other, answer any questions you may have, and discuss the overall process and game plan.
  2. If you love what you hear and are excited about getting started with your dream website, we’ll follow up with the Custom Website Design Questionnaire & Wish List where you’ll tell us more about your project in detail.
  3. We’ll review and send you the link to schedule your Website Strategy Consultation.
  4. After your consultation, we’ll deliver your Project Summary and proposal and you’ll be ready for the next course, the Amuse-Bouche!

See the full process here.

Have more questions? Great! Contact us here. We’d love to chat with you, answer any questions you may have, and learn about you and your needs. We look forward to helping you!