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Initial Project Discovery

Hey there! We are so happy to connect with you!

We’d love to learn about you and your project, so we invite you to dive into the brief set of questions below and give us the scoop! This is important initial information we’ll need in order to determine if we (you’re part of that “we”) want to move forward and have a deeper discussion (a.k.a. a Discovery Session where we go over many more details that will prep us for putting together the perfect proposal for you).

Once we get this info back from you, we’ll be in touch to schedule our Discovery Session. If we don’t feel it’s a good fit, we’ll get in touch to let you know. We won’t leave you hangin’ like that!

If you haven’t had a chance to take a tour of our site, here are some tidbits of information we want to make sure to share:

  • See what types of services we offer here. (We’ll be able to more accurately quote your project once we know more about your needs and wishes. If you have a budget in mind, that always helps to figure out if we’ll be a good fit for your needs, so please include that below.)
  • Check out the websites and logos we’ve created here.
  • Read what clients have said about working with us here.
  • Learn what our process looks like here.

Ready to get started? Great! Let’s begin…

FYI: If you are providing us with a yahoo, hotmail or aol email address, please email us at info@theessentialwebsite.com to let us know you’ve completed this form. For some quirky reason, these types of email addresses get hung up in cyber space (even though you’re sending this form from OUR website), so to be safe, shoot us a note and we can obtain your completed form from our website.



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