GDPR Website Compliance Starter Package


  • A list of GDPR compliant resources to obtain your own Privacy and/or Cookie Policy (if you don't already have one for your business).
  • Adding your Privacy and/or Cookie Policy to a page on your website (if not already on your website).
  • Adding links to your Privacy and/or Cookie Policy in your footer*, your contact page (if you have a contact form), shop (if applicable), and below 3 other forms on your website. If you have more forms, we can either add these for you for a small fee or we will provide you with the link so you can add yourself.
  • Adding a link to your Privacy Policy, plus generic, compliant language to the main opt-in form on your website. If you have more opt-ins, we can either add these for you for a small fee or we will provide you with the language/link so you can add yourself.
  • Updating your main email marketing auto-response email with your Privacy Policy information (for one opt-in).

*If your theme allows us to do so. If not, you'll receive a partial refund.

Note: There may be circumstances, depending on the service you have elected to create your policy, that may make adding links to certain places difficult or impossible. (i.e. the free version of iubenda policy generator or possibly others). If that is the case, we'll add your links wherever possible.

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Reminder: The assistance we provide does not provide or ensure full compliance. We are not legal or GDPR experts. It’s up to you to find the best solutions for your business, get assistance from a qualified legal professional, and ensure that full compliance within your business and website is met correctly.

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