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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who is the Custom Essential Website for?
Who is the Custom Essential Website NOT for?
What's does the web design and development process look like?
I think I need something more than what's offered in your Add-Ons. Can you help me?
How can I promote my site/business? Will you help me promote my site/business?

Financial Questions

How much do you charge for your services?
How do I pay you?
What other expenses can I expect to get started?
I think your services are too expensive. Why does it cost so much?

Content and Design Questions

I don’t have a logo and would like you to design one for me.
Will I be able to use the logo you design for me on the web and on things I want to print?
I already have a logo. Can you use it and what format do you need it in?
Why do I need to complete the Logo Design Questionnaire, can’t you just figure something out?
What exactly do I need to have ready for you to get started on my website?
I don’t have professional photos. Will any photos do?
What if I need stock photos for my site (for slides, blog images, etc.)? Where do I find them and how much are they?
What about fonts? Where do I find them, am I limited to the types of fonts I can use, can I use a font I purchased?
How many colors do I need to choose for my website and where do I look for color inspiration?
What if I change my mind on the colors and fonts I’ve chosen after you already started (or finished) the site?
What if I want to change the layout of my site during the development process?
How many revisions can I make once I send you the content? How about once the content is on the site?
Does my content have to be ready before I can get started?
I suck at writing! What should I do about my page content?
I already have a WordPress website. Can my old content transfer over to my new website?
What if I need more pages?
I have TONS of testimonials, photo galleries, or… Can you add them all?
I need an online store to sell my products!

Techie Questions

I already have a domain and/or hosting account - is that ok?
I don’t have a domain and/or hosting account - is that ok?
Why do I need web hosting? What’s the purpose of it?
Can I remove the footer credit for The Essential Website?
Will the website work/look good on mobile devices?
I need to have my current site up and running while you build my new site. Is that possible?
Can I install additional plugins?
How do you handle future website updates?
How do you handle website security?
My web host sucks! Can you help me transfer to a new/better host?
What about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Do you offer SEO services or can you help with SEO?
What do you use to build my site?
Do you only work with WordPress or will you work on other types of Content Management Systems?
What's the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?
Do you only work with MailChimp or will you work on other types of email marketing programs?

Concluding Questions

How long does this really take?
Will you show me how to use my new website?
How advanced do I need to be to manage my site after you’re done, and do you offer any type support or ongoing maintenance?
Can I add features to my site after you're done, such as ecommerce, membership, etc.?
What happens when I want to change/update my website?
Can we meet in person? What happens if we live in another city/state/country?
I’m sold, where do I sign up?
I’ve got more questions!


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