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Even Experts Hire Experts

Even we hire experts when we need to. Grab our FREE little black book (Resource Guide) of experts, tools and services we use and trust. BONUS: We picked our pro's brains for tips just for you. Don't miss these gems! via

Specialist: a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.

Do you ever get asked to do things related to your business but, it’s not really your field of expertise? We do.

On a regular basis, we’re asked things like:

  • “I need to be on the first page of Google. Can you do that for me?”
  • “I don’t know what to write, can you just write it for me?”
  • “Will you implement x,y,z on Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Google Ads, etc. and post everything for me? Oh, and don’t forget, I want 10K shares by tomorrow – I need this to go viral.”
  • “I want a special page that people can upload a photo of themselves and then it will automatically add the clothes I’m selling so they can see what it looks like on them, plus the accessories. (Or some variation of this that requires a big budget for a highly technical application that involves custom programming.) That possible, right…and within our original budget?”
  • “My budget is $_______, and I want to be the next Amazon/Facebook/YouTube, etc.” (See note above.)

Of course, we’d love to help with these things because we’re online magic makers, right? But, these types of services are out of our expertise. These things require Google, SEO, or social media experts; business coaches; photographers; copywriters; a marketing team; computer programmers; or another type of skilled professional. We CAN help with SOME of these tasks…to an extent. But, just like you CAN paint your whole house, that doesn’t mean you want or have the time to do it…and more importantly, that you have the skills to do it really well.

Now, if we had a dollar for each time we were expected to know or implement any of these highly specialized services… let’s just say we could finally adopt all of the homeless dogs in the world and have a ten million acre ranch where they could live and play, complete with private, on-staff vets and a live-in staff of caretakers…with money to spare! Can you tell we’ve been asked more than once? {And now you know our ultimate dream!}

But do you blame people? How do they know we aren’t the Google or SEO experts or copywriters or advanced coders/programmers? I mean…it all has to do with a website right??

The Essential Resource Guide For Your Online Biz - Grab our FREE little black book (Resource Guide) of experts, tools and services we use and trust. BONUS: We picked our pro's brains for tips just for you. Don't miss these gems! via

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Grab our tried-and-tested-’em recommendations on experts, tools and services we love!

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Think about it like this…

Would you let your dentist cut your hair? Heck, no!

Would you want or expect professional advice regarding your diet or health from your nail lady? And you wouldn’t want your doctor to give you a mani-pedi, right? You want it to look good and be done right – the first time! Even though each of these services involves your body in some way, each has a specific skillset that is required to do the job and do it well.

When we need a specialized service – especially when it’s one we don’t feel 100% confidently skilled in, we hire an expert. We want things done right. Who doesn’t?

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What we do

In order to know what we actually specialize in (which will make our partnership go even more smoothly), we want to break it down a little more and explain the differences in designers.

Designers: There are lots of different types (we’ll just talk about a couple today). A graphic designer may or may not be a print designer and these are not the same as a web designer (UX “User Experience” designer) or a web developer (UI “User Interface” designer). More info on the UX and UI differences here.

Homebuilding is our go-to analogy…so indulge us for a moment:
Think of your web developer as the home builder and the web designer as the interior designer & landscaper. The builder (developer) uses the best tools, creates a solid foundation, builds the bones, and adds the plumbing, electricity, and security for a solid, safe home. Your site/home designer makes things pleasant to look at and easy to use/live in. Both of these experts work together to create the perfect home.

If you need a little more, you may even hire a digital graphic designer to create designs/graphics you can hang in your online “home” and a print graphic designer to create flyers, business cards, t-shirts, magazines, holiday cards, koozies or other printed materials you may use to promote your home/business.

Yes, they are all “home”/website related, but not all graphic and print designers design or build websites. And…not all web designers or developers are graphic or print designers. Each profession uses different programs and skills. There are also different rules that apply to print or online/digital design. For example: If you create a design meant to be printed using online design rules and settings, when you print the piece it will look like a horrific, extreme mess (and that’s putting it nicely)!

As you can see, it can get a little confusing.

Now, think about this as it pertains to your website: Once the web developer and the web designer have finished building your website and you’ve “moved in”, you may decide your online home needs assistance with Google Analytics. This is a specialty not included in most web developer’s/designer’s services. It’s “website” related but it’s a specialty service for your site (or home, if you will) that calls for an expert.

Lucky for you, we are graphic designers, web designers and web developers! The majority of our expertise is in online/digital design and development though we also do a very small amount of print design. Plus, we only build websites in WordPress because, again, our time (and our clients’ money) is best utilized when we focus on what we do – and know – best. That means that we aren’t experts in other website builders like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly, as those are completely different animals.

“Ok, we get it… so who do I call for other things I need for my website like Google help?”

In order to give you the best possible results and service, your website’s developer and designer have a LOT to do – and know – like learning and staying up to date with the latest rules, programs, services, and technology as it all relates to the gigantic online world. Most website creators are not the experts of your SEO, copywriting, photography, etc. Take us for example. Yes, we do know SOME about these things because they are related to your website, and we think it’s important to know enough to be able to build your online home properly and with the future in mind, but we are NOT the experts in these fields. We are experts in the design and development.

The coaches, copywriters, and other professionals are the experts in what THEY do. We don’t expect them to build websites and they don’t expect us to know all the ins and outs, best practices and latest techniques or rules in their field.

“Well if YOU aren’t, then who IS?”

Since we’re in business just like you are, we use experts when we need them, too.

Here are a few of our trusted experts. They are the professionals we rely on and recommend.

We’ve got a surprise for you!
We asked a few of these pros to share some helpful website tips as it
relates to their select services! This is JUST FOR YOU!
Many thanks to our kind experts for sharing your brain!

The experts in our little black book of “go-to” pros:

Google & SEO:
SEO Brothers:
Liz Lockard:
Moz’s List of recommended SEO consultants.

Alistair Gill - SEO Consultant & Expert

“Many people believe SEO is simply about using the right keywords in your blog posts. The reality is that it’s far more complex than that. Before you can even rank on the first page for a keyword, Google and the other search engines need to be able to crawl your website efficiently and understand what it’s about.

That means the code used to build your site has to be accessible, up-to-date, and fast to load. It should also display properly on mobile devices. That starts during the web design and development phase.

For example, if your phone number is displayed within an image and not as text, the search engines are going to have a hard time finding it because they don’t understand images as well as text. The end result is that someone searching for your phone number may not find it and could go to one of your competitors instead.

If your website isn’t kept up-to-date then it becomes vulnerable to hackers. If Google believes your site has been hacked, it will place a warning next to your search result discouraging visitors from clicking through to your site.

Likewise, if your site is slow to load, it doesn’t give a good user experience for your visitors. Therefore Google is more likely to push your site further down the results pages and promote a quicker site instead.

Finally, if your site doesn’t display correctly on mobile devices this can also have a detrimental effect on your search rankings.

So overall what we are seeing is that SEO is less about having the right keywords on a page and more about providing the best overall result for visitors. Your website design plays a fundamental role in many of those ranking factors.”

Alistair Gill

Sarah Anderson @ Spitfire Scribe:
Nicole Baute:
Nikki Elledge Brown:
Courtney Johnston @ The Rule Breaker's Club:
Jessi and Marie @ North Star:

Courtney Johnston - Rule Breakers Club - Copywriting Expert

“Don’t get overwhelmed by copywriting! It’s a step-by-step process just like anything else. Arm yourself with tools, worksheets, templates that will take some of the overwhelm away. Focus on being CLEAR instead of CLEVER. Above all, make sure that when I land on your website, I get what you do. If you do that, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of 90% of business owners!”

Courtney Johnston

This is a tricky one because it's hard to know when/if you'll need a programmer to accomplish something on your website. It's best to discuss your needs and wishes with us before we get started on your project so we can collaborate with a programmer early on.

Advanced Techie Tasks:
Lance Dockins @ WordKeeper:

Social Media Experts:
Yolanda McAdam @ Suite 532:
Laura Ball @ Get Social Marketing Solutions:
Jackie Johnstone:
Renee Key @ Bread & Butter Consulting:

Laura Ball - Get Social Marketing Solutions - Facebook Marketing Expert

“Since I focus on Facebook marketing and FB ads I would say my biggest tip is to know your audience. You want your ads (and website) copy to speak to your audience.

In addition, this is very helpful for when you run Facebook ads because you will target the RIGHT person and say the right things in your ad copy and on your website and landing pages. If you don’t know who you are talking to you can’t market effectively. As Marie Forleo says ‘If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one’ so knowing your ideal client is key!”

Laura Ball

Business Coaches:
Billie Gardner @ Desire to Done:
Mallie Rydzik:
Krista Smith @ Activate Her Awesome
Summer Tannhauser:
Heather Thorkelson @ Republic Of Freedom:

Krista Smith - Activate Her Awesome - Expert Business Coach

“Bringing a website to life takes tremendous dedication and work. Decisions you make early on can easily be second-guessed when you see everything coming together. By partnering with a business coach, you can quell the voice that questions your readiness, articulate the inner AND outer qualities of who you’d like to work with, uncover why you’re the perfect solution to their problem, and create a suite of services that support how you can make that happen. Include a trained business coach in your process and you’ll be able to take your brand from weak to wow, make strategic decisions that support generating revenue, and be 100% ready to work with your web design partner.”

Krista Smith

The Essential Resource Guide For Your Online Biz - Grab our FREE little black book (Resource Guide) of experts, tools and services we use and trust. BONUS: We picked our pro's brains for tips just for you. Don't miss these gems! via

Get more of our favorites here!

Grab our tried-and-tested-'em recommendations on experts, tools and services we love!

Grab It Here!

What most people forget: Once your home is built, it doesn't mean you will never have to patch the roof, replace appliances, update interior design, or add on a room. Your website is exactly the same. Maintaining a safe and healthy website requires important maintenance, and we take this seriously. We can help with your website's security and maintenance or if you need to tweak a thing or two.

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You don't have to figure this out on your own

Part of being successful is knowing who to call on when you need help. We wear many hats as business owners, but we can only do so much. So many hours in the day and all that… We hope sharing our experts will help you as you grown online!

Have an expert you love? Please share! We'd love to know who they are and why you love them so! 🙂 Or, if need a recommendation for another type of specialty? Just ask us in the comments below. We're happy to help you out!

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  1. Jackie Johnstone on November 24, 2016 at 9:05 am

    Aw thanks for the shout out! And it’s a great point, I often refer people who come to me looking for social media help but it’s clear they really need branding help, or copy help or even business strategy — because that’s not my zone of genius but I love hooking them up with someone I trust who WILL help them. Best feeling 🙂

    • Janet on November 25, 2016 at 10:49 am

      You’re so welcome! We totally agree, we love being able to point people in the right direction with services/people we trust that can help then grow. 🙂

  2. Yolanda on July 25, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    An awesome reminder that even the experts need help! 😉 Thank you for the mention 🙂 You guys rock!

    • Stefani on July 25, 2017 at 7:13 pm

      Thank you, Yolanda! You rock, too! 🙂

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