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The DIY Essential Website is Headed Your Way Soon

Build your own website and truly become the master of your domain!

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DIY Essential Website Magic Maker

What You Get With The Essential Website

What’s included with a DIY Essential Website:

  • A Welcome Packet with instructions and access to The Essential DIY Website course. This is where you’ll get all of the important information needed to get started PLUS all of the course resources and tutorials you’ll need to build your dream website.
  • An essential checklist to keep you organized and ensure that no important detail is missed.
  • A list of all the recommended plugins to use and how to set them up.
  • Optional advanced security, backup and software update management with the Golden Maintenance Package.
  • Access to the Essential DIY Website private Facebook support group where you can ask questions, get answers, and make friends.
  • Plus a heck of a lot more!
Amy Warner, Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield“Pat yourselves on the back for those tutorials, because I learned SO much! Super helpful! Thank you!”
– Amy Warner, DFW Beagle Buddies

Buy The Essential Website

What makes the DIY Essential Website different:

Biggest Benefits:

  • you’ll gain valuable, beneficial skills
  • timing is 100% up to you
  • assurance knowing the info you’ll receive and learn is complete, up-to-date and from people who know what they’re doing
  • budget-friendly to meet you where you are in your business and your life
  • confidence to make edits or changes if you want/need to later on
  • you’ll end up with a beautiful, professional site you can be proud of!

Turn around time

How it works:


The initial enrollment step is still brewing – stay tuned!

The goods!

Once your payment is received, the adventure begins! We send you a Welcome Packet with instructions on how to access the course and the private Facebook group. This is where you’ll have access to the steps, resources, and tutorials that will get you going on your website! You’ll have everything you need to start, build and maintain your website. Bonus: You’ll learn so much valuable information and gain so many skills that you’ll be able to build websites for other people, too!

Time to get busy!

You build your website, and we’re here in case you have a question.

Launch and dance party!

Your site launches and the celebration begins! Your site will be added to the student gallery, and we’ll all share and show off your amazing work on social media!

Turnaround time:

Totally up to you!



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All our web and biz secrets in one big ‘ol bundle!