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Custom Website Design Questionnaire & Wish List

Why we need your input. The purpose of this questionnaire is to give us a clear idea of the features and functionalities you will want and need on your website. It will likely also get you thinking about lots of details that you may not have thought about. Plus, this will help us determine what additional questions we may need to ask you during your Website Strategy Consultation.

A Website Strategy Consultation is required for all web design and development projects and consists of a 1-2 hour Skype session intended to dive deep into your business/organization so we may accurately quote your project. Following the Consultation, we send you a comprehensive Project Roadmap and a full proposal and contract. Your roadmap will provide very specific action items, tools to make it happen, and other details that are needed to realize and meet your end goals. The fee for the Website Strategy Consultation is paid at the time of booking and will applied to your overall fee.

Our goal is not to just build you a website. Our goal is to provide you with strategic, efficient, and professional solutions for your business and website. The result? More clients, more sales, a happier you!

Get the website you want. By properly planning and keeping your brand, your clients and your biz goal in mind, we’ll create the perfect website that will enhance and grow your business. If you haven’t already, we suggest you grab the resources from The Golden Vault and read this post. These gems will give you important tips, tools and other details to think about when prepping for your new website.

Wish and needs list. This Questionnaire & Wish List will ask you all sorts of questions about just that – what you want and what you need. Giving us all of your website wishes will be the first step in building your dream website. It’s full of incredibly helpful information and will be fun, too!

This is a fun-zone, so kick back, dig in and take your time. Even have a Chardonnay! If you don’t know the answer to something, you can leave it blank or ask us. No worries!

You’re on your way to knocking your client’s socks off! Let’s get started!


All our web and biz secrets in one big ‘ol bundle!