Why it’s ESSENTIAL to Back Up Your Website!

Backing up your website is essential! Not, backing up is playing with fire.

You’ve heard it before…and you’ll hear it again. Backing up your website is absolutely essential! Even though most of us understand why it’s so important, a lot of us are procrastinators or just not sure how/what to do when it comes to keeping regular backups. We totally get it. If you’ve ever had your computer…

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JPEG & PNG – What’s the difference and why you need to know

Jpg vs png - How they're different and why you should care

What’s the difference? The quickie definition of each is: PNG: (Pronounced ping) PNG is short for Portable Network Graphics, which are formatted files that have been compressed with no loss of quality to the image. This is called a “lossless” image compression. JPEG or JPG: (Pronounced jay-peg) JPG is short for Joint Photographic Experts Group,…

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What is a WordPress theme and How do You Choose One?

What is a WordPress theme and do themes confuse you?

If you’re looking to start a website, hire a web designer and/or learn about web design, then this post is for you. Today we’re going to talk about WordPress and WordPress themes. But first, let’s make sure we all know what WordPress even is. WordPress Back in the day, websites were (and still are sometimes)…

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Connect your business email with Gmail and work smarter!

Work Smarter by using Gmail

Get rid of webmail Ready to make your life easier? If you have a website, you’ve probably set up (or had someone do it for you), your business @yourwebsite.com email addresses(es). If not, do it. It will make you look professional and like an actual, legit business. When your email addresses are set up, they…

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Steps We’re Taking to Improve Our Business: For Starters, Instagram

Steps We're Taking to Improve Our Business: Starting with Instagram

If you’ve already been following us on Instagram for a while, you probably know that we have recently stepped up our Instagram game. Big time! If not, we invite you to start following us today! If you’re not on Instagram or don’t know how it works, we can help! A little background: Like so many…

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Perfecting the Perfect Website Color Palette

Plan your website's color palette

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~ Wassily Kandinsky When you’re building your new website, choosing the perfect color combination is one of the big-dog processes of the visual design (just like choosing the fonts and images), and getting it right is essential. Good news is, it’s one of the fun aspects…

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How to set up a free Mailchimp Account

How to set up a free MailChimp account via TheEssentialWebsite.com

Why you need an email marketing account: If you think you don’t, think again. With an email marketing account, you’re able to easily collect new subscribers from your website and other places. These nice people (and their email addresses) are pretty priceless. They are your clients, potential clients, cheerleaders and fans. Using a service like…

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Even Experts Hire Experts

Even we hire experts when we need to

Specialist: a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field. Do you ever get asked to do things related to your business, but it’s not really your field of expertise? We do. On a regular basis, we’re asked things like: “I need to…

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