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I need an affordable website”! Can you recommend someone? I’d love to...but what does “affordable” mean to you?

What exactly is an “affordable website”?

People post on are Facebook all the time asking for someone who can build them an “affordable website” or one that “won’t break the bank.” I always laugh at these posts and get quite irritated. Why? Because what the heck does affordable REALLY mean (to each, individual person)? It’s about as generic/vague of a question… Read More

How to set up a free MailChimp account via TheEssentialWebsite.com

How to set up a free MailChimp Account

Why you need an email marketing account: Think you don’t? Think again. With an email marketing account, you’re able to easily collect new subscribers from your website and other places. These nice people (and their email addresses) are pretty priceless. They are your clients, potential clients, cheerleaders and fans. Using an service like MailChimp allows… Read More

Now is the time to get your website up and running

Why NOW is the Time to Get Your Website Up and Running (or Revamp Your Current One)

Will you ever be ready? It’s a question we ask ourselves about lots of different things in life: Am I ready to buy a house? Am I ready to get married? Have children? Start my own business? One of our clients actually wrote about this exact question on the topic of whether or not you… Read More

Learn how to set up a Gravatar

How to set Up Your Gravatar

Blog Comment Sections If you’ve ever written, read or even glanced at a blog post, you’ve probably noticed the comments section below the post. Most blog authors (We say “blog authors” vs. “bloggers” because we want you to know we’re not just talking about people who “only” blog. We’re talking about anyone who has a… Read More

Website Advice - Keep It Simple

Website Advice: Keep it Simple

“A confused mind ALWAYS says no.” – Marie Forleo Think about this statement as it relates to a website for a sec. Let it sink in while you’re reading. The perfect website doesn’t just happen. It takes lots of planning, research, designing (and more), not to mention all of the technical magic that happens behind… Read More

How to prepare for your new website. TheEssentialWebsite.com

Prepping for your Website Design or Redesign

Smart people plan. Amiright?! We plan for weddings, vacations, even what we’re doing on the weekend. As business owners we plan our marketing, sales specials, budgets and more. As smart business owners, you plan everything. You know planning and prepping for your website is the best way to reach your goals by providing a professional… Read More