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How to control which images from your website show up on Facebook via TheEssentialWebsite.com

How to Control Which Images from Your Website Show up on Facebook

How many times have you shared a link from your website via a social sharing button at the bottom of a blog post or by pasting a URL into Facebook only to have a cut off, morphed image show up that does not accurately or aesthetically represent your website or business? Raise your hand if… Read More

5 Ways Facebook Groups will boost your business

5 Ways Facebook Groups will Boost Your Business {and get free access to ours!}

Ok, it’s time. Time to get on board with the Facebook Group craze, that is! Oh, don’t get me wrong, we have been in the craze for a while now. In fact, we have been on a Facebook Group (and social media) rampage for the past few months. I talked about how I fell in… Read More

How to Fall in Love with Blogging and Social Media > Make new friends, get inspired, and more reasons to fall in love with blogging! theessentialwebsite.com

How to Fall in Love with Blogging and Social Media

The inspiration for this post came on a Friday evening around 8pm. I didn’t have any plans and was excited to be staying in and getting some much-needed work done. I had just finished answering a bunch of emails and, even more importantly and satisfying, sending off a wrap-up package to a website client. I… Read More