GDPR Basics + Resources

GDPR and what it means for your business. Get the basics. |

By now, you’ve most likely heard about the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR, similar to the CCPA (California’s Privacy Protection Act), is a law on data protection and privacy. Your first thought may be, “This doesn’t apply to me, I’m not in the EU.” No so fast. That’s the reason for…

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How to set Up Your Gravatar

Learn how to set up a Gravatar

Why do you need a Gravatar? Look Professional Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) ties your email address to your photo (or logo or other image). Many online services use Gravatar to display that photo with your profile (depending on the service, of course) giving people a glimpse of your brand/biz, providing some credibility, creating trust, and…

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Go Pro or DIY? A Real Life Story About Important Business Decisions

When it comes to accounting, business formation and your website, will you hire a pro or DIY?

When I first started my own business (pre-The Essential Website), I wanted to make sure everything was set up properly so that when tax time and any other important, business-related deadlines came around, I was properly and professionally prepared. Being that I had very little money to spend, I thought the DIY method was clearly…

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Squarespace or WordPress?
Which is right for you?

WordPress or Squarespace? Which do you prefer? |

Do you prefer Squarespace or WordPress? This is a question we hear all the time, and it’s a topic we can go on and on about. In the end, it’s all a matter of preference, goals, and functionality needs. We can tell you right away – our preference is WordPress, and our preferred WordPress theme…

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Let go so you can succeed at doing what you love

Let go so you can succeed at doing what you love -

Maybe you’re aware that you have to start making changes in order to succeed at what you love. Some of these changes include letting go of stuff. Not because someone is telling you to, but because you’re ready to let go of limiting beliefs, expectations and bad habits in order to achieve real happiness and…

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Prepping for your Website Design or Redesign

Want to make sure you get a perfect website? This list will make sure you've got it all covered. |

Smart people plan. Amiright?! We plan for weddings, vacations, even what we’re doing on the weekend. As business owners, we plan our marketing, sales specials, budgets and more. As smart business owners, you plan everything. With proper planning and preparation for your website, you’ll ensure that you are providing a clear and professional way for…

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What exactly is an "affordable website"?

I need an affordable website”! Can you recommend someone? I’d love to...but what does “affordable” mean to you?

I see posts on Facebook all the time asking for someone who can build an “affordable website” or one that “won’t break the bank.” Or, “I need a low-cost, basic, simple website, but it needs to be engaging and professional.” Those who want the low-cost, affordable, basic website also plan to bring in revenue from…

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Getting paid for what you know, not what you do

Get Paid for What you Know

Being a business owner is hard. It’s fun, too. And challenging. And exciting. And frustrating. And a bit of a roller coaster. Whether you’re the business owner or the consumer, you know that price is one of the most talked about aspects of every product or service. Business owners have to price everything they sell,…

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Why Collect Email Addresses from your Website

The importance of collecting emails on your website.

Email marketing – the why: If you have a website (whether it’s a full site with multiple pages or a blog), you will want to have an email sign-up form highly visible so people can sign up to receive new content from you. Heck, even if you don’t have a website but you use Facebook,…

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