Get to know Janet & Stefani – The Online Magic Makers at The Essential Website

Meet Janet and Stefani of The Essential Website.

Our Story Once upon a time in a 9-5, dreary world…two helpful-creative-adventuresome-go-get-’em [young] ladies named Janet and Stefani decided to follow their dreams of owning their own business. They learned more than they ever thought possible by studying like crazy, listening on the edge of their seats, reading massive amounts of information, and doing their…

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Using Alt Tags & Descriptions for your Images (and why)

Why you need to add alt text and descriptions to your images via

WHY YOU NEED IT Number 1 answer: SEO. Next, when you share your content (or visitors share), you’re going to add a little touch of professionalism. Sadly, this important task gets skipped over A LOT. Here’s what we’re talking about… LOOK FAMILIAR? Let’s use this post as an example. If I go to share this…

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The Importance of Website Security & Keeping Your Website Safe

Are you taking care of your website security? If not, why not?! Website security is an important part of your business.

Is your website an important part of your business? Your website is the thing that people use to learn all about you and your amazing service, the thing that sells your products, the way you share your heart, dreams and more all over the world, and dare we say… the thing that could potentially make…

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SEO Basics

Learn the Basics of SEO

What is SEO & Why Should I care? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The short definition is, “it’s the process of getting traffic to your website through natural, organic search results.” (Here’s the nerdy definition.) Just like any industry (such as the medical field), there are experts who specialize in SEO and Google. We’re…

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The Importance of Blogging and Sharing Your Content

The importance of blogging and sharing your blog posts.

The #1, all-time biggest misconception we’ve seen with business owners regarding their websites is that they don’t feel they NEED a blog. Most people don’t realize how much blogging can actually help and that blogging doesn’t have to always mean writing long, detailed articles/stories/guides/etc. A blog post can be a quote with an image, a…

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The Essential Website: Benefits, Details, and More!

The Essential Website - Benefits, Details and More.

TA DA! It’s here! Hello! We are very happy to introduce our baby, The Essential Website! The Essential Website was created by us – Janet formerly of Blue Tail Designs and Stefani formerly of The Creative Solutions Project. Why we’re doing this. Over and over we’ve found many small businesses (or new businesses) need a…

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Website Advice: Keep it Simple

Website Advice - Keep It Simple

“A confused mind ALWAYS says no.” – Marie Forleo Think about this statement as it relates to a website for a sec. Let it sink in while you’re reading. The perfect website doesn’t just happen. It takes lots of planning, research, designing (and more), not to mention all of the technical magic that happens behind…

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