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Blog-Focused Essential Website Layouts

Welcome to the Blog-Focused Essential Website Layouts!

Go ahead, click on the Bella layout below for a live view and to see all of the different options you’ve got to choose from for your one-of-a-kind blog. This beauty has been custom designed by your friendly web gurus… us! Once you pick the home page option you love most, we’ll add in your images along with your chosen fonts and colors which will give your website/blog a very different look and feel, making it unique and special, just like you! (Get all of the deets here.)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or if you like, visit our Gallery to see the latest client creations using these layouts.

We’ll be adding more layouts, so come back and visit us soon!


The Bella by The Essential Website


All our web and biz secrets in one big ‘ol bundle!