Our Process

When working together, it’s nice to know what will happen and when.

Below is an overview of the process for each of our services.

Custom Website Design and Development

Custom Web Design & Development

The Details:
CONTACT {The Apéritif}

You’ll contact us here and we’ll set up an initial Discovery Call to get to know each other and discuss the overall process and game plan.

Next, we’ll follow up with our Custom Website Design Questionnaire & Wish List where you’ll tell us more about your project in detail.

We’ll review your questionnaire and set up a Website Strategy Consultation where we’ll dig deep into your business and clarify any questions regarding your wants and needs in order to create a custom and strategic Project Summary of each detail needed to complete your project.

Bonus: The fee for the Website Strategy Consultation is applied to your project fee. Should you wish to go in a different direction after the Consultation, you still have your Project Summary to use as you wish.


Based on the information you’ve given us and your Project Summary, we’ll send over your Project Quote followed by your contract and the first invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we’re ready to get started.


We’ll send over your Welcome Packet along with information on how we’d like you to send us your content and images. If an SEO audit is part of your online presence strategy, we'll make it happen!

You’ll send us your content, images, and anything else that will furnish your online home. You'll also purchase your web hosting and domain, if applicable, and we'll assist you with your custom email addresses.

DESIGN {The Entrée}

Once we receive your content and images, we’ll design mockups of your home page and inside pages according to your design preferences. If a new logo is part of your project, we’ll design that first in order to get your brand style nailed down.

DEVELOP/CODE {The Plat de Résistance}

After you’ve approved the design, we’ll get busy building and hand-coding your new website! This is the fun part (at least for us!) as we see your site come to life! We’ll keep you in the loop as we go. Once we’ve completed building, we’ll make any necessary revisions and test everything to ensure fantastic functionality. Then, we’ll finish up any edits and get your site ready (with more coding) for mobile devices.  


Time to unveil your new website! Your website goes live and we (you + us) share it with the world.


We deliver your customized Website Wrap-Up Package that contains any last steps you'll need to take care of along with everything you need to easily update and manage your new website.

You'll enjoy 4 weeks of support and have the option to continue our support.
{It's time to pop the champagne bottle and celebrate!}

Get all of the juicy details here.

You'll tell us your needs | TheEssentialWebsite.com

Golden Maintenance Package

The Details:

You’ll contact us here, we'll send your payment options, you'll pay the invoice.


We’ll send over our contract for your electronic signature.


We’ll give you the steps to get started along with instructions to securely share your website and other important information with us.


We’ll get started locking down, backing up and securing your website.


You kick back with a margarita knowing your online home is safe and secure in the hands of the experts. We worry about your website so all you have to do is run your biz.

Every detail revealed here.

Website Tweaks

Website Tweaks

The Details:

You’ll contact us here and complete the Tweak Request Form. We’ll review and may set up a Tweak Connect call to clarify any questions we may have about your tweaks.


We’ll send over an invoice for your tweaks and a contract, if applicable (depending on the extent of the tweaks). Once paid, we’ll get started.


We’ll knock out your tweaks and have you shining online in no time!


We’ll both show off your shiny new updates to the world!

More info about how it works here.

Logo Design

The Details:

You’ll contact us here and we’ll send over our Logo & Graphic Design Questionnaire. Once it’s completed, we’ll review and set up a Discovery Call to clarify any questions we may have about your branding needs and wishes. Being clear about you and your clients will enable us to create something unique for your one-of-a-kind business.


We’ll send over our logo design contract and invoice. You’ll review, sign and pay, then we’ll get started.


We’ll design multiple concepts for you to choose from. After revisions and your approval, we’ll finalize your logo and complete the finishing touches.

DELIVER (and the big reveal)!

Your logo files (in multiple formats), along with a custom style guide and brand board, will be delivered straight to your happy little hands. You’ll beam with pride as we both unveil your beautiful new logo to the world!

Find out the whole she-bang here.

Wanna know more? We’ve got the answers in our FAQ’s.

Ready to work together?

To get cooking, the first step to working with us is to tell us little about you and your needs via our Contact form. After that, we’ll be in touch to schedule a Discovery Call where we can “meet” each other, you can give us more in-depth details, and we can answer any questions you may have about your project before hiring us.