Kind words from our clients

Adrian Leeds in a red beret

“You really use your brains and think about the task at hand. After 5 years and two previous teams, I now have a site of which I can seriously be proud of and love using! I love everything (about working with you)…attitude, responsiveness, intelligence…I can’t say enough good things.”

Adrian Leeds
Clear Dermatology website

“I loved the systematic approach to the process combined with the design ideas and suggestions you provided. We are getting positive feedback that people love the clean, fresh look and that it’s easy to navigate. Your entire team knows the world of web design and combined with the creative skills they bring to the table, provides a very helpful “all in one” solution to creating a credible online presence.”

David Batagower
Music with a Smile logo

“Both of you patiently and promptly responded to my many questions, plus you made me feel like an important part of the team, even though you two were doing all the work. You made me think of things to include or add that I might not otherwise have thought of. AND, I feel like you both went over and above to assist with things that weren’t directly related to the website. I really appreciated that!

You two go above and beyond the scope of the project, giving tips and assistance for things that helped my business beyond designing a new website.”

Jane Christison
Petroleum Machinery

“Your quality and responsiveness were what I liked best about working with you for my website design and development. Great work and timely!”

Justin Allen
Next Level E-Sports

“Janet, I wanted to say thanks to you and Stefani for bringing my vision to life! This site is BANANAS!”

Njsane Courtney
Next Level E-Sports Bar & Gaming Club

“Your customer service and technical knowledge is top notch! Our foundation received a beautifully constructed website that exceeds our expectations. We are so happy with the service we received and would recommend The Essential Website to everyone!”

Heather Hawkins
The Gem Foundation
Route 5 Landscape Architecture

“People should know…you design and build an essential business tool through a thoughtful process. You don’t just crank out websites. I loved all of the guidance that took the guesswork out of what I needed to do. I now have a website that I’m proud to have a client view!”

Jamie Hendrixson
Route 5 Landscape Architecture
Rachelle Norman - Soundscaping Source Music Therapy

You made the entire process so smooth and easy, from the discovery phase through to signing off at the end. You thought of every detail and it felt so good to be working on other parts of my biz, knowing that you had this part covered. It was crystal clear what you would provide for me in the terms of our agreement and when it would happen.

I think it’s important for people to understand that you know your stuff, you don’t talk down to your customers and you give your clients as much or as little control as we want to keep up with our sites while allowing us to be totally hands-off too, through your maintenance package.

My site is mobile-friendly now! I am so much more excited to share my website with people on my phone or tablet now that it works the way it is supposed to. You folks are awesome. I can’t wait for the next project I’ll have with you.”

Rachelle Morgan
Boneshaker Doughnuts - Paris, France

Working with The Essential Website was an absolute pleasure. They are professional, creative, and incredibly friendly! Highly recommend.

They were EXTRAORDINARILY patient and accommodating to my many (many!) requests for adjustments to the design. Always incredibly quick to respond, and had the adjustments back to me to review in record time. Your customer service is exemplary – and our new logo is great!!

We couldn’t be happier! It feels fresh and fun, which is exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you!”

Amanda Bankert
Fayetteville Youth Dance Company

“I’d seen these ladies around online for a while, and I liked their work, so, I didn’t have any hesitations working with them at all. Janet and Stefani are talented (and super professional to boot!). Timely and super thorough. I appreciated the little extras they threw in, too. I love the value I received for my investment – totally worth it! I’m excited about our new look and what it will mean for growing my business. The whole experience was great! Thank you! :)”

Hannah Pasquinzo
Fayetteville Youth Dance Company
Julian Palmer - JuliVAGlobal

“What I loved most about working with Janet and Stefani is that they were very helpful, had a quick turn around and they updated exactly what I wanted on my website. I’ll absolutely be calling on them again next time I need something and will be recommending them to others too!”

Julian Palmer
Jason & Stephanie Roberts - Tradition Custom Designs

“Before working with them, my initial hesitation was if I had enough technical knowledge to go through this process. The Essential Website team did a phenomenal job of guiding me through every step and answering questions, no matter how minor they may seem.

Janet and Stefani will make you feel comfortable from the very first correspondence. Their emails are written in such a way that you feel like you are having a conversation with a friend. It’s easy, natural, and relaxed.

The Essential Website will give you 100% effort and commitment. They truly care about their clients and helping them to improve their business by providing a high quality and professional website. They have created a stunning website for our business and we are excited to share our site and it inspires us to move forward and grow our company!”

Stephanie Roberts
Meraki Yoga

“The most important thing people should know about working with you is: That they can trust you with their most precious plans, ideas, and business. Your down-to-earth personable approach and high caliber of professionalism put people at ease.

I appreciate the quick replies to questions and issues and your thoughtful guidance in getting me over my mental hurdles when imagining a website and what it needs to be functional – and pretty. You two are amazing! I’ve worked with Stefani before and completely trust her skills & judgment. Having Janet on the team is icing on the cake!

Thank you, both for your expertise and guidance. I’m going to rely on you ladies anytime I need assistance with the website & graphic design.”

Alexandra Merkowitsch
DFW Beagle Buddies

“I appreciated how easy The Essential Website was to work with. Janet and Stefani were so friendly, helpful, personable, and prompt! I was never left with an unanswered question or an unsolved problem. I am thrilled with the gorgeous and professional website that we now have thanks to Janet and Stefani. I didn’t realize just how outdated and cumbersome our old site was until I saw our new one!”

Amy Countryman
Athea Davis, Sol Sense Yoga

My beautiful new website is helping me grow my business! You ladies are smart, savvy, dependable, and have a great attitude! Thank you for your awesomesauce web skills!”

Athea Davis
Julie Matheson, Lotus Flower Living

“I loved your intake forms. They provided an opportunity to dream about the look, feel and function of my new site. I wanted to work with you because I liked your online presence. And I really liked that you provide a comprehensive how-to guide to accompany my new website. I also loved your upbeat, can-do attitude and that you know what you are doing from every angle.

You are a great graphic designer, too! You have an eye for what works. You took all my suggestions and came up with something cleaner, sharper and better than I imagined for the ad you created for me.

I also love the personalized videos you made for me. So delightful! I kept saying to myself, “she is so adorable. This is so delightful.”

I really love the amazing, professional, organized (and in places funny and endearing) how-to guide for managing my website. I was practically in tears reading through it. It’s so well done. From my heart of hearts, thank you so much.”

Julie Matheson
Roshell Rosemond Liquid Courage Cosmetics

“Working with Janet was amazing. Her promptness and follow through created immediate trust in a new relationship. The fact that she was recommended to me by a trusted peer and was immediately able to understand my cosmetics business being a woman added to the benefits of hiring her. She also made it easy for me to work with her by readjusting and providing me with custom help & services within my budget. Now, I’m able to capture specific customer data necessary to grow my small business. If you’re in the market for web services, I highly recommend working with her!”

Roshell Rosemond
Kristen SOS

“The doctor said the blog was “adorable” and she loved it – great job! Janet, looks awesome, thanks so much!”

Kristen Jarrett
Robyn Strelitz

“Stefani is inspiring to work with. She does way more than site design–she takes your ideas, makes them better, and then she comes up with even better ones! She coaches you through the process and makes the very project that seemed overwhelming come to life and exciting to work on! She takes the time to understand you and areas you may need an extra boost of support in. Stefani has a wonderful sensibility–she has that extra something–and I feel so lucky to have worked with her and hope to do so as my business grows.”

Robyn Strelitz, LMFT-Associate
Robyn Strelitz
Amy Countryman, Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield

“We truly enjoyed working with Janet on our website re-design. She was excited about helping us achieve our vision and she added fresh new ideas to it as well. She was always quick to respond to any questions or requests and the redesign was completed on time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing help with their website or social media!”

Amy Countryman
Gregg Harrison, Attorney at Law

“Stefani truly amazed me with her knowledge and expertise in designing my law firm website. She took my vision of content, colors, and textures and created/designed a site that just blew my mind. She worked tirelessly to create a responsive website that is clear, concise, and completely inclusive of everything I wanted. Stefani is creative, brilliant and talented! She knows all aspects of creating websites, which made me feel I was in the right hands! Thank you!!! I love my website!!!”

Gregg S. Harrison
Lisa Pelt Mers, Green Eagle Graphics

“We love working with Janet. She always comes through with amazing results. Very talented and just a real pleasure to work with. Always gives 110%, exceptional creative talent and amazing insight into what we need. Pretty sure she reads minds because some of our customers don’t give her much information to work with.”

Lisa Pelt Mers
Missie Hills, Grey Eye Studio

“Stefani provides a unique and creative quality in all of her projects. She fully dedicates herself in each project she takes on and won’t stop until she has developed something that will blow her clients away. She gets so excited about all the little things on great websites that we as viewers take for granted, down to the very small details (like making sure the color of your font changes when you hover over a menu item). She has very high energy which ends up being extremely motivating and contagious. She has a knack for figuring out what her clients want, even if you’re not really sure yourself. And in the end, she will never leave you with some overly complicated product that you have no idea how to manage. I couldn’t be happier with the website Stefani designed for me. She made my new photography business stand out among the millions of identical photography businesses already out there. I am excited to continue to work with her, and I am blessed to call her my friend.”

Missie Hills
Grey Eye Studio
Garron Wright

“We came to Janet via a social media creation of hers. We thought her designs were distinctive and wanted to see if she could create a new look for our company. A week or so later, Janet presented three separate concepts. We were fond of all three logos and had her merge the elements into one. Then we had her integrate our new branding into our dormant social media accounts. A month or two later we asked Janet to rework an existing website.

I hired Janet based solely on her creative portfolio. Who knew her professionalism was equal parts. She is a WordPress guru but agreed to create the site in Adobe Muse because of our familiarity with Adobe software. No problem. She deftly navigated the site project and provided intuitive forms and thoughtful questionnaires to help us along. We anticipated a tedious proceeding, but she made the process entertaining. She also coordinated email, hosting, web forms, functionality, and all the other necessary minutia that make my head hurt to think about.

In short, Janet and her company are a tremendous value proposition for any company looking step up their game! Thanks, Janet!”

Garron Wright
Interstate Net Lease
Paige Davis, Soul Sparks

“I really appreciate all your hard work, creative energy, and patient energy. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this process has been for me, and you have been an amazing partner. I really look forward to staying in touch and many more future collaborations. Let me know if I can ever support you in any of your projects.”

Paige Davis
Brittney Pelt Sanders, Green Eagle Graphics

“Janet is amazing to work with. She has helped me on many projects. These have ranged anywhere from print design to websites. She is professional, friendly, and always provides top-notch service. I have always had great success working with her and have never been let down. I highly recommend The Essential Website.”

Brittney Pelt Sanders
Jenny Walker

“When I first thought I might need a logo for my small start-up business, I became overwhelmed at the thought of hiring a design firm to handle this task at a reasonable cost. I was referred through a friend, and I am MORE than pleased with the work Stefani has done for me. We started by discussing what I needed and she then sent over a design brief that was succinct and easy to complete. With my very limited direction, Stefani gave me a wide variety of options to choose from in her first draft. She went back and forth with me tweaking everything exactly to my liking. I am impressed with her talent as well as professionalism. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with graphic design of any kind.”

Jenny Walker
Lisa Adkinson, Farmers Insurance

“I have worked with Janet as a coworker and as a client. She is always professional, gets the job done and has fun doing it.

Janet always delivers… Keeps our projects on track no matter what the project or timeline. Sometimes I hold her up, but she is always willing to work with me, and I get the best designs and products at a very fair price.

She makes us look good. I like to stand out and not have the exact look as every other agent in town – and she makes that happen. I have even seen agents copy her work!

She is always willing to sit and work with a client to bring their visions to life. She is a pleasure to work with and her pursuit of perfection in design is always appreciated.

Lisa Adkinson
Farmers Insurance
Adrian Guevara, Sun City Dermatology

“I have recently switched to Stefani for help with the website for my business, Sun City Dermatology, PA. Prior to Stefani getting involved, the site was a mess – never updated and just too busy to be useful. In very little time, Stefani reorganized the pages, added a lot more pop with custom colors and fonts, tweaked the layout, and viola! The site is now something pleasant to view. I have patients tell me all the time how easy it is to browse, which ultimately is one of the most important features of a professional website. She adds content in a snap whenever I need it. Her pricing is very fair. In short, she took something that I dreaded to look at and turned it into a key resource for my business. 5 stars!

Adrian Guevara MD
Sun City Dermatology, P.A.
Melissa Stephens

“Janet is a very creative designer who pulls out all the stops to make sure her clients are satisfied with her work. She thinks through each detail, asking for color favorites, themes, and favorite designs and then goes to town with it. Amazing work and attention to detail!

I love working with Janet. We have been friends for many years and she is a great designer! She helped me decide on a logo that fit my company and she used my three favorite colors and the logo is top notch! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a designer with talent, honesty, and a client comes first mentality. She rocks!”

Melissa Stephens
A Pocket Full of Smiles Photography
Fiesta Winery

“You really are one of the easiest people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. You were quick when I needed you to be, and very thorough. You definitely earned my business!”

Stephanie Baxter
Emma Mitchell

“I was a little hesitant at finding someone to assist me with all the “techie stuff” for my business and website…as I wondered if they would understand my needs and put up with my lack of experience and awareness regarding technology! But Stefani is such a breathe of fresh air! She’s enthusiastic, positive, supportive, honest, patient, quick to respond, thorough, and truly brilliant – she has helped me in so many ways I couldn’t have dreamed of – from creating an online store, setting up my blog, copywriting, and being a teacher and guide…and so much more. The results of her fabulous creativity and help – I have gained so many new clients and expanded my business over 30% in the first few months Stefani has been helping me! She is a joy to work with and makes it fun…I am SO grateful for her talents, creativity, and energy!”

Emma Mitchell
Emma Kupu Mitchell
Ted Stephens

“I was blown away by how quickly Janet answered my request for service and then how quickly she produced the first draft of my logo idea. It was like she read my mind! She nailed it the first time. Then she amazed me again by how quickly she had the final product to me. Janet, you are one talented person. I’ll hire you again without hesitation.

Ted Stephens
Christmas Lights By Ted
Becca Gruenspan, RG Adoption Consulting

“Stefani goes above and beyond and then some!! She is a perfectionist and literally won’t sleep until you’re satisfied with the work. I’m currently launching my business and turned to her, well, just about everything. She created a beautiful, clean (‘cuz clean is what I like), and visually appealing logo and guided me through creating a business card that I am thrilled with. I love Stefani’s creative mind and attention to detail. She welcomes all feedback, and she is super attentive. I can’t wait to see my website and whatever other projects I have in the pipeline. I will definitely be calling on The Essential Website! Thanks, Stefani!”

Rebecca Gruenspan, MSW
The Essential Website

Janet, all of my sites look great! Understanding my goals, your awesome creativity and willingness to quickly make modifications were great benefits of working with you. I would definitely recommend you and your services! You’re the best!”

Bill Langhenry