Brilliant websites aren't luxuries. They're necessities.

A truly brilliant website not only covers its own costs, but showcases and grows your business on autopilot, providing you with more clients and customers, filling your appointment book and feeding your revenue.

Your website is a sales tool and an integral piece of your business.

It's why we build websites that get the results you've been looking for.

Meet Janet & Stefani of The Essential WebsiteOh, hey there! So glad you’ve stopped by to meet us. We’re Janet and Stefani, and we can’t wait to meet you, too!

We created The Essential Website for you.

You tell us what you want, need, and what fits best with the stage of your business combined with your overall business goals.

We provide the guidance, tools, know-how, creative magic, hand-holding, and everything else needed to bring your perfect website into the world.

As your partners, you don’t have to do it all, know how to do it all, or make decisions alone. We are here to guide and help you!

Learn more here about how we help you, what an Essential Website includes, and the process that makes it all happen.

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Every business craves a creative, unique, and professional website that is:

  • Mobile responsive so it works perfectly on all devices
  • Optimized for maximum search engine exposure
  • Created with premium software
  • Designed to attract and connect you to your ideal clients
  • Easy to use and maintain (with optional monthly support)


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meet your tech & design partners

When we work together, we are going to learn a TON about you! We have a hunch you may want to know a bit about us, too.

Stefani Harris of The Essential Website

Hi there! I'm Stefani.

Seeing our clients filled with excitement after launching their new website or hearing them let out a big sigh of relief when we tackle a challenging techie task for them quickly and with ease is what brings me the greatest joy.

Prior to entering the world of web design (and making my dream of owning my own business a reality), I worked in a variety of roles in professional sports and then spent nearly 10 years in the non-profit world - first as a fundraiser, then as a wellness director.  Helping people is in my blood. I love to serve the community, inspire and educate, and help make peoples' lives easier, better and happier any chance I get. Now, I get to help businesses shine online and see their client base and revenue grow. Talk about a win-win!

Bonjour! I'm Janet.

Providing solutions for our clients makes what we do so rewarding and satisfying. Solutions that work, make sense and that can grow with you. May sound corny, but it's true.

Before following my dream of working for myself and becoming a web designer, I was in the corporate world for 18+ years as an executive assistant for a national land developer. I did all kinds of things from testing new systems with our IT department to administrative training and then some (a lot of some!). Now I'm able to help and support people in different, exciting, and fulfilling ways. I love building creative websites for our clients and making things easy for them by providing effective, smart solutions.

Janet Hoover of The Essential Website

Want to know a little more?


How many do we have?


Stefani has four:
Dylan, Luke, Meg, and Griffin

Janet has two:
Bleu and Samara (The "granddog" who comes over every day)

All rescue dogs, of course. If you know us, you know we love animals...especially, dogs. They make life complete.


What's our definition?

Stefani: Creating my own schedule and being able to do what I love...on my terms + working from home with my dogs by my side.

Janet: Ditto - 150%! Plus...being able to work from anywhere in the world.


Random fun facts.

Who did what?

One of us once dressed up as a ghost and bopped Bill Murray on the head with a styrofoam bat - to the Ghost Buster's theme song, of course!

One of us has been scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands with hammerhead sharks as far as the eye could see while holding on to the side of a rock cliff for dear life or be swept off with the current. 

We'd love to hear your guess!

Find out if we're a perfect fit for you.

Take a peek!

Come on in, let's find out. It'll be like a first date!

Find out if we're a match made in heaven here.


Things we love.

FOOD: Cheese, wine, is there anything else?

TRAVEL:  For Janet, it’s Paris for the food, the history, the beauty, and ancestry research. For Stefani, it's anywhere with water,  mountains, and/or animals...and amazing food, of course. Israel is tops on the list for sure!

We love the problem solving, the nerdy coding bits, seeing our creations come to life, and having those creations mean something by helping people achieve their dreams. 


What we do when we're not on the computer.

Stefani: Teaches yoga, barre, boot camp, and step classes at multiple gyms and clubs in Houston.

Janet: Doesn't teach but does go to yoga, spin, and Zumba, and travels to Paris as much as possible. (Which is never enough.)

what our clients have to say

"I have gained so many new clients and expanded my business over 30% in the first few months!"

"My beautiful new website is helping me grow my business! You ladies are smart, savvy, dependable, and have a great attitude!"

"The Essential Website is a tremendous value proposition for any company looking step up their game."

"You thought of every detail and it felt so good knowing that you had everything covered!"

"My new business now stands out among the millions of identical businesses in my field already out there."

"They created a responsive website that is clear, concise, and completely inclusive of everything I wanted."

"They did a phenomenal job of guiding me through every step and answering questions."

"They took something that I dreaded to look at and turned it into a key resource for my business. 5 stars!"

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