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About The Essential Website

Janet and Stefani of The Essential WebsiteOh, hey there! So glad you’ve stopped by to meet us. We’re Janet and Stefani, and we can’t wait to meet you, too!

But first, we want to tell you about some things we know for sure…things that need to stop. right. now.

If you have a business or are in the planning stages of your business, it’s time to stop:

  • Being embarrassed by your website (let’s do something about that, k?).
  • Not having a website at all. A Facebook page is not a website, and using yournickname@gmail.com just isn’t professional. (Fact: a website, even if it’s a simple a one-pager with a blurb about you, a short contact form, and links to your social media will make you online-legit!)
  • Spending wasting time trying to DIY when you don’t know a cPanel from a plugin…and when your time would be MUCH better spent working with your clients and selling your products.
  • Knowing you need to step up your game and look like a pro, but you’re nervous. Just not sure what to do, how long it’ll take, where to start, and a million other uncertainties.

Well honey, you’re in the right place and we’re ready to help you & your business shine online! Are you?

What is The Essential Website?

The Essential Website is exactly what it says – a website with all the essentials!

From products that enhance the functionality of your site to content and design that informs and intrigues your visitors, we have created professional and affordable website solutions for you so that you can keep doing what you do best and not break the bank in the process!

These days, websites are all over the map when it comes to cost. A custom website can range anywhere from $2,500 to $200,000. Heck, we’ve even seen them cost $50 (oy, that’s scary).

When you’re ready to grow, building your website the right way from the very beginning is exactly what you need to set yourself and your business up for success! Getting set up the right way, from the get-go, will be the key to your scalability and your success – whether you are a small business, big corporation, or hobby blogger.

We created The Essential Website for you. You decide what you want, need and what fits best with the stage and age of your business combined with your overall business goals. And the best part is that you don’t have to make those decisions alone. We are here to help!

We are more than “just” designers and coders. We are online magic makers who understand the elements your site needs to turn visitors into customers. We know the questions to ask to help you hone in on what you truly need vs. what you might want (hello shiny object syndrome…but don’t worry, we get it, too…and we can help reel you back into reality. We reel ourselves back in all the time!).

We invite you to check out our Custom Web Design & Development, Logo Design, Website Maintenance and Website Tweak solutions for your online home. But before you head over there, we’d like to properly introduce ourselves.

The idea for The Essential Website came about when two designers and developers – Janet Hoover and Stefani Harris – found themselves facing similar challenges in their businesses. From sales and marketing to the workload itself, they realized that two brains are better than one and joined their creative forces.

At first, the idea was to create a “simple, basic” website solution for clients who wanted more of a budget-friendly, starter site. That’s how The Essential Website did indeed start – as an affordable website that includes all the essentials. As time moved on, they found people needed more. By offering a full set of web development and graphic design solutions, they’ve found their happy place and are helping more people shine online.

To learn more about our services and the process from initial contact to launch-day, please click here. To get the full scoop on how we met (and where, which is the most exciting part) and how our business came to be, hop on over here.

Wanna know more about the brains behind The Essential Website?
Meet Janet

Janet at The Essential WebsiteHello, hola and bonjour! I’m Janet Hoover, designer, developer, rescuer of out-of-date websites and ½ the brains at The Essential Website. I’ve been helping nice businesses (and people) grow and shine online with web development, website management and online design since 2011.

At The Essential Website, Stefani and I provide the same amazing services and by joining our superpowers, we can help even more dreamers, doers and action-takers do what they love more beautifully, polished and smarter.

We’re the problem-solvers and tech-doers. It’s our job to make things easy by taking all of the worries out of your hands and providing the perfect recipe of digital strategy, creativity and coding (plus a little fun mixed in for good measure).

I love helping smart, creative entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and do it right. That’s why I/we build websites that look good, work properly, are user-friendly (for you and your visitors), optimized for SEO and are safe and secure just like the crown jewels in the Tower of London.

You can always find me either being mom (to both humans and dogs), in yoga pants (at yoga and at my desk) and creating things with the mouse. Yes, I’m a bit of a code and design nerd.

My passion is helping our clients with professional, intuitive, magnetic (and secure) online solutions. I can’t wait to help you finally have that perfect website you’ve been dreaming about – one that you love AND your clients will love!

Meet Stefani

Stefani at The Essential WebsiteHi there! I’m Stefani Harris, and I’m a challenge-solver, idea-generator, and the other half of the brains at The Essential Website. I’ve been building websites and designing logos – and helping clients bring their online vision to life – since 2012.

I got into the whole online/digital world in order to help businesses and organizations with their technical and graphic design projects that seem impossible to accomplish, either due to lack of time, interest, skills, willingness, or desire. I really love this stuff, and I am extremely passionate about helping businesses and organizations bring their dreams to life. Helping others escape the 9-5 like I did is also tops on my list!

Through The Essential Website, Janet and I offer the same high-quality services and products to our clients that we always offered with our own individual companies. And now, we have even more options, plus two brains! Sounds like a winning combination to me!

Houston, Texas, is home for me, and I am the mom to 4 furbabies. When I’m not tapping on the computer or hugging my adorable dogs, I can be found teaching yoga and fitness classes. When I’m not teaching, I’m still in my yoga pants…because, why NOT yoga pants!

My biggest reward is watching my clients’ dreams come to fruition! I look forward to working with you and helping you get your business online and thriving!


We can’t wait to help you create the website you’ve been dreaming about!
Ready to learn more about The Essential Website? Great! Let’s get started!


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